An open letter to the people judging this single mom

She's fed up with people glaring at her and judging her parenting skills.

Photo: Courtesy of Aly Brothers via Facebook

Photo: Courtesy of Aly Brothers via Facebook

Aly Brothers, single mom of two young boys, is fed up with people glaring at her in public. Her Facebook post, which addresses the people who gave her the “Can’t you control your kids?” type-glare at the grocery store, has gone viral. In this emotional and brutally honest letter, she admits that her kids weren’t behaving that day, but she was doing her very best to keep them under control. It just wasn’t her day, and the judgmental whispers and stares were too much for her to handle, so she left the store in tears.

This is a friendly reminder to be kind to the parents you see struggling in public—maybe even throw them a sympathetic smile—because come on, we’ve all been there.

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