Amy Schumer mocks sanctimommy birth trends—and it's hilarious

Amy Schumer's new skit has us LOL-ing real hard.

By Emily Rivas

Leave it to Amy Schumer to point out how ridiculous birthing trends haves gotten.

In her latest skit on Inside Amy Schumer, Amy (who is fake pregnant) and her gang of pregnant friends sit around sipping water while discussing how they're planning to give birth. One mom says she's doing a sea turtle birth.

Oh, you mean you haven't heard of it? It's the latest thing. So hot right now. It's when you give birth on a beach and kick sand on your baby— turtle style. Soo good for the baby.

Amy chimes in that her doula is a sherpa and she's birthing her baby on the highest mountain in Tibet. Because don't you know Western medicine can't be trusted?! Soo bad for baby.

We're sure many moms can relate to this skit. Let's be real, someone will always criticize your decisions, so you just gotta do you.

This article was originally published on Jun 06, 2016