Alyssa Milano threatens to "whip 'em out" on TV to defend public breastfeeding

"You're lucky the baby's not here! I'd whip 'em out right here and feed 'em on your show."

Oh, Alyssa Milano, how I love you—and not just because we share the same name.

Yesterday, January 6, Alyssa was on the Wendy Williams show and in the most kick *ss way defended public breastfeeding after the host said "I don't need to see that."

"Would you eat under a blanket," Alyssa, 43, responds.

"What I would do is I would go to the car," Wendy says.

Alyssa, like the rest of us, is shocked at Wendy's response. And then she asked the most perfect question.

"Let me ask you this. Why is it OK to show that picture of Miley Cyrus with two suspenders over her breasts."

YES! Why is it OK for celebs to be half-naked on the red carpet, yet we freak out when a mom dares to feed her baby in public.


Wendy, a mom of one, said multiple times during the interview that she doesn't know why she feels this way about public breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of your life, your breasts are sexual things.”

Alyssa pointed out that biologically breasts are made to feed babies. To which Wendy says "they're fun bags."

Don't worry, Alyssa had a response to that too. 

"You're lucky the baby's not here! I'd whip 'em out right here and feed 'em on your show."


You go, Alyssa.

Alyssa has been a breastfeeding advocate since the birth of her son Milo, now four. And she's posted many breastfeeding selfies (and periscoped while breastfeeding) with her daughter Elizabella, 16 months, like this amazing one of her from last Halloween.

What I adore about Alyssa is how graceful she was during this segment. She could have stormed off the stage or yelled at Wendy, but instead she tried to teach her.


I will leave you with one more gorgeous shot of Alyssa breastfeeding newborn Elizabella.

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This article was originally published on Jan 07, 2016

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