Alyssa Milano breastfeeding live on Periscope

"Are you motor-boating Mommy's boobies!" A Periscope first: Alyssa Milano breastfeeding live on social media.

Alyssa Milano breastfeeding live on Periscope

"LIVE on #Periscope: #glamsqad with Linh and Scott...," Alyssa Milano tweeted Tuesday, June 2. Of course, I had to click over and see what the actress would do on this new and totally exciting (I love it!), Twitter-acquired social media platform. 

And there, on Periscope, was Alyssa Milano getting her hair and makeup done—by Linh and Scott—while breastfeeding (live) her nine-month-old baby girl, Elizabella Dylan Bugliari.

Alyssa Milano breastfeeding periscope Alyssa Milano via Periscope (screenshot)

Amazing! And look at all the hearts coming in from her fans.

I admit, triggered by my own memories of flashing strangers at Starbucks, I was a little nervous Elizabella would flail and expose her mom's bare breast to the masses on Periscope! But this didn't appear to happen. Alyssa remained cool and collected while chatting with Linh and Scott about Caitlyn Jenner.

"Anytime a child is born or feels different, an outcast," she says, "they have a successful reference now."

Alyssa Milano breastfeeding social media Alyssa Milano via Periscope (screenshot)


She also joked about little Elizabella having a little too much fun—and this is probably the best celebrity breastfeeding quote ever: "Are you motor-boating Mommy's boobies?" Ha!

Alyssa Milano breastfeeding Alyssa Milano via Periscope (caption)

As you can see, for the most part, the comments on the broadcast were tame and supportive—which was refreshing to observe.

Yesterday's Periscope is yet another way Alyssa has made an effort to promote breastfeeding. In addition to posting breastfeeding photos on other social media platforms, like Instagram, she recently took to Twitter to complain about Heathrow airport confiscating her milk, ultimately bringing awareness to security processes around breastmilk.

"Every ounce of milk I’m able to produce for my child is nothing short of a miracle and to watch that milk be thrown away without any regard for my baby, was heartbreaking," she said in a statement. "It’s not the fault of the security in the airport; they’re following orders to keep us all safe. But I do I feel it is a policy that needs thoughtful reconsideration."

Photo: Alyssa Milano via Instagram Photo: Alyssa Milano via Instagram, October 2014

Photo: Alyssa Milano via Instagram Photo: Alyssa Milano via Instagram, March 2015

Since Periscope is so new, this is probably the first instance anyone's breastfed live on the platform. Cool!

Have you tried Periscope? As social media editor here at Today's Parent, I recommend playing around with it! I've already done quite a few, and it's really fun. Go for it!

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This article was originally published on Jun 03, 2015

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