Adorable: Boy leaves apology note in library book to avoid fine

When in doubt, use your cuteness and a handwritten apology note to avoid getting in trouble.

Photo: Toronto Public Library via Facebook

Photo: Toronto Public Library via Facebook

When you make a mistake, what’s the best way to say you’re sorry? When you’re a kid, have adorable handwriting and the innocence of, well, a child, the solution is simple: Write an apology letter.

That’s exactly what eight-year-old Jackson did when he accidentally ripped a book he had borrowed from the Toronto Public Library.

Initially, he and his mom, Allison, tried to fix the ripped page of Asterix by taping it back together. It didn’t work well, so he decided to write the apology note. It was written “so the librarians wouldn’t charge me,” he told Breakfast Television on Wednesday.

Written in shaky, giant letters (sooo cute) with blue marker, the apology, addressed to “Library”, says that the book ripped when it dropped from Jackson’s bunk bed after he fell asleep reading—a sign of a true bookworm! Jackson also wrote “it won’t happen again” and “I’m sorry”, signing it off with his name.

An avid reader, Jackson told City News that he didn’t want someone to open up the book and see that it was missing a page. What a sweet kid!

The Toronto Public Library posted the note to its Facebook page on Saturday and, on Tuesday night, Jackson’s mom realized it had gone viral. It has already garnered more than 4,000 likes.

Impressed with the note, the Library plans to frame it and keep it at their Main Street branch. Aww. And just as Jackson hoped, they are not going to charge him a fine!

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