Adele's son dressed up as Frozen's Anna at Disneyland and we love it

If you didn't already love Adele, this will make you love her more.

Hello? It’s Adele. She’s calling from the progressive parenting side.

As if we didn’t already think this Grammy performer was the coolest mom ever, this week she was spotted with her family at Disneyland and her four-year-old son Angelo was suited up in his best Disney gear: an Anna costume from the kid-favourite, Frozen. 

Adele, her partner Simon Konecki and Angelo were snapshotted by a passerby smiling and giggling and having fun. Why? A) Because Disneyland, duh. B) Because they know they’re being A+ parents by letting their kid wear whatever he wants.


And this isn’t even the first time Adele’s been caught in the act of awesome parenthood. She recently dropped some totally relatable mom bombs on us in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series, but has also spilled out some parenting truths when she admitted in an interview last year that “Parenthood is f**king hard.”

Honestly, who wouldn’t want Adele to roll in their #squad?


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