A viral pregnancy announcement—and then a heartbreaking miscarriage

Last week, a couple's pregnancy announcement went viral. But this week, the couple bravely revealed they had lost the baby.

Last week, more than 11 million of us cheered alongside vloggers Sam and Nia, who announced they were expecting their third child with a sweet gotcha video of Dad surprising Mom for once (he, um, collected urine for the test from an unflushed overnight pee).

Now, less than a week later, the couple’s story is going viral again for a new, super sad reason: the couple have lost their baby. “We were just so overjoyed, and then it just—bam. It just hit us like a bomb,” Nia said. “The hardest part is just knowing that it’s really gone. There’s no question.”

She goes on to express the complicated feelings anyone who’s been there—and there are many of us; one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage—will understand. The guilt, the grief and the emptiness.

The couple also speculates that perhaps the meaning behind their earlier video’s popularity was a chance to give support to those experiencing pregnancy loss, a subject that continues to be hard for many people to discuss.

We’re so sorry for their loss, and thank them for speaking openly.

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