8 times Justin Trudeau was absolutely adorable with kids

Justin + kids = SWOON!

OK, we’ve gotta admit those photos of President Obama with kids are pretty darn cute. Good thing we’ve got a Prime Minister who’s also awesome with kids. Leading a country is hard work; sometimes you just have to join the kids and get silly.

1. Justin can dance! And he doesn’t mind sharing the dance floor with these lucky girls.


2. Justin’s secret alter ego is clearly SuperDad.

Photo: Justin Trudeau via Twitter

3. Justin has an important meeting with one of Brampton’s future politicians.

Photo: Justin Trudeau via Twitter

4. Our Prime Minister is a huge Star Wars fan. Here he is trick-or-treating with his family in a galaxy far, far away.

Photo: David Akin via Twitter

5. And he went to go see The Force Awakens with a group of kids from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Han Solo who? Justin’s clearly the star of this movie night!

Photo: Justin Trudeau via Twitter

6. This little cutie is getting the Prime Minister’s autograph on his sweater! Justin, can you sign my sweater next?

Photo: Omar Alghabra via Twitter

8. Justin personally welcomes this little girl to Canada. With a Prime Minister as sweet as him, who wouldn’t want to live here?

Photo: Justin Trudeau via Twitter

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