6 videos of kids dancing = total cuteness!

Watch out Beyoncé! We've rounded up the cutest videos of kids dancing. And these kids can really get down.

Here’s a little something to brighten your day. We’ve rounded up the most adorable videos of kids dancing. And there’s a little something for everyone from a baby dancing to Beyoncé to future salsa stars.

1. This may be the happiest dance ever! Watch this tween get down to “Happy” at a basketball game. He’s so good even the players stopped to watch.

2. This kid has some serious rythym. I wish I could dance like this!

3. Put your hands up! Watch this baby dance to “Single Ladies.”

4. Carseats can’t stop these kids from dancing.

5. This three-year-old is feeling that bass.

6. Wow. These kids are basically pro salsa dancers. And they’re still so young. Future stars!

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