5 tunnels for kids—no clandestine digging required

Kids don't have to dig an underground tunnel to enjoy some quality time with friends. Here are some cleaner, mystery-free alternatives.

5 tunnels for kids—no clandestine digging required

After much speculation, we learned today that the sophisticated tunnel found in north Toronto, near York University, was the handiwork of two guys in their 20s who just wanted a place to hang out. Seriously. If your much-smaller dudes and dudettes are looking for a tunnel to hang out in, we recommend one of these five dirt-free alternatives that won't result in a police investigation.

ToysRUs tunnel_660 Toys R' Us

1. Has your little one's interest in tunnels started early? With its grass, trees, blue sky and toys, the Baby Einstein 2-in-1 Safari Adventure Gym and Tunnel is fully outfitted for hanging out. We can hope it'll distract them from that urge to dig, right?

Indigo tunnel_660 Indigo

2. Have your kids graduated to true tunnel play? The "Find Me" Tunnel offers six feet of mystery-free fun, all in the comfort of your living room.

busa-play-tunnel__660 IKEA


3. Nothing to see here! Just your classic BUSA play tunnel, perfect for your tots to hang out in, free of investigation.

Mastermind Toys caterpillar tunnel Mastermind Toys

4. For those who'd miss the experience of bumping into some creepy crawlies during their big dig, there's always the Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Tunnel.

Mastermind Toys tunnel Mastermind Toys

5. Why bother with electric generators and lumber framing when you could have a fully furnished tunnel with two adjacent rooms to hang out in? This Pop Up Tents and Tunnel Combo Set is one sophisticated setup.

This article was originally published on Mar 03, 2015

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