365 days in the life of a preemie

Watch 365 days of this baby's life in 365 seconds!

If there’s one thing the new parents today get criticized about, it’s over-documenting their baby’s life. But who says that’s a bad thing? One young family found a way to turn all the videos into an epic mini-movie about their preemie’s first year of life.

The couple used an app called 1 Second Everyday and used it exactly as the name says: they recorded one second of their baby’s life each day. The app, of course, does all the work for you by piecing the short videos together to create an amazing mosaic of memories. For this family, each second recorded of their preemie was a precious.

“Our daughter was premature, arriving a month and a half early,” wrote YouTube user Hamsteak in the video’s caption. “At the time, we had no idea what the future may (or may not) hold. We took things one day at a time, capturing and cherishing the moments. Today is my Daughter’s first birthday. I have recorded her journey through life each and every day for the past 365 days to share with you all the laughs, cries and adventures.”

Spotted in the video: Those happy but painful moments in the NICU, a plethora of cute onesies, baby sleeping with a puppy, baby in front of the CN tower, baby dressed up for Halloween and so many more awesome moments!

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