32 celebrity kid photos shared by their parents (Nov. 2015)

Thanksgiving, strolls in the park and more! Here are the latest Instagram posts shared by our fave celeb parents for the month of November.

32 celebrity kid photos shared by their parents (Nov. 2015)

1. Princess Charlotte

Photo via @KensingtonRoyal Photo via @KensingtonRoyal

2. Kim Kardashian


3. Vanessa Lachey

4. Jennifer Lopez

5. Jessica Alba

6. Jamie Oliver

7. Beyoncé

8. Chris Pratt

Pratt posted this cute video of his son, Jack, on World Prematurity Day (November 17) to promote awareness and encourage support.

9. Jessica Simpson

10. Kourtney Kardashian


11. Fergie

It was Josh Duhamel's birthday this month, and Fergie posted an adorbs picture of Axl Jack to celebrate.

12. Michael Bublé

13. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's pregnant - again! Check out her baby announcement on Instagram @kellyclarkson

14. Alicia Keys

15. Simon Cowell

SimonCowellandSon Photo via @SimonCowell

16. Alyssa Milano

17. Rachel Zoe

18. Zoe Saldana

19. Jason Biggs

20. Jaime King

Check out Jaime King's stunning new ink for her boys: @jaime_king

21. Drew Barrymore

22. The Beckhams


23. Kelly Rowland

24. Olivia Wilde

25. Ashton Kutcher

Photo via @aplusk Photo via @aplusk

26. Britney Spears

27. Kate Hudson

28. Elsa Pataky

29. Reese Witherspoon

30. Gwyneth Paltrow

31. Jennifer Hudson

This article was originally published on Dec 01, 2015

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