Baby sleep

Watch this magical (and fast) way a mom puts her baby to sleep

This mom may have discovered the simplest trick in the book—so it must be magic! Right?

“How can I get my baby to fall asleep quickly?”

It’s an age-old question for new parents. And for good reason—when your baby isn’t sleeping, neither are you.

There are plenty of methods to get your kid off to la-la land, of course. You can rock your baby, sing to her, dance for her or nurse her to sleep—but your strategy might not always work, or even if it does, it might feel like it’s taking forever.

That’s why we’re so taken by this video of a mom with her little babe, which was uploaded to Facebook via the French magazine Pour Nous Femmes. Mom’s method is so simple, and her baby goes from wide awake to sound asleep in under a minute! Literally. We’re wondering if there’s some secret witchcraft or hypnosis going on here.

Can you believe it? We couldn’t either. If this doesn’t work for you, you might just have to call this woman over to work her magic (literally) to put your baby down for a nap. I think we found ourselves a new baby whisperer!

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