10 Tummy Time Toys We Love Right Now

They'll actually look forward to tummy time with these engaging toys.

10 Tummy Time Toys We Love Right Now

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Tummy time can be a challenging, yet rewarding activity between parents and their baby. Once you’ve found the right tummy time mat, figuring out how to do tummy time can get a bit easier, and less anxiety-inducing for both parties.

To make it extra fun, why not make it fun and add some tummy time toys? From rattle toys to music boxes, add our picks to your newborn checklist.

What are tummy time toys?

Parents, listen up: now that you’ve got your best tummy time mats in tow, the perfect addition to this apprehensive time is toys! “Parents are encouraged to use age and developmentally-appropriate toys to encourage the practice of tummy time and to make it more enjoyable for both the infant and them,” says Julie A. Loyke, a creational pediatric nurse practitioner.

“Encourage the infant to reach and use muscles that will help them with motor development and strength with toys. They also help the infant develop their neck and shoulder muscles to lift the head against gravity. A toy can provide a visual cue to help the infant develop their vision and other senses, like hearing and touch.”

When seeking the right toys for your little one, Loyke explains: “Parents should choose open-ended toys for their infant, especially ones that will grow with their child and encourage them to be active.” This can include items like stuffed animals, puppets—without detachable button noses and eyes—floor activity quilts, cloth books and rattles.

“Anything that captures the infant’s attention and encourages them to interact is appropriate,” adds Loyke of buying tummy time toys.

The best tummy time toys to buy now

Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar

baby einstein glow bar, best tummy time toys Merchant


Light up tummy time with this ultra-colorful toy bar from Baby Einstein! Aside from its bold color, it activates in seconds and includes three modes: animals, colors and xylophone, making it fun and interactive for little ones. It’s also easy to clean and store for tummy time play.

One unique feature is the language switch, allowing baby to hear the content in English, Spanish or French.

Skip Hop Baby Crawl Toy

skip hop baby crawl toy, best tummy time toys Merchant

Attention parents: if you’re looking for toys to help baby crawl, you won’t “bee” disappointed with this one. Designed to grow with your baby through three stages (pre-crawling, beginner crawlers and advanced crawlers), the motorized crawl toy challenges their senses.

It also encourages little ones to learn to happily move around with colorful lights, energetic tunes and sweet buzzing sounds. Sure to give their neck muscles a workout in tummy time position, this toy easy transitions to bigger sitting-up stages too.

beiens Baby Books

beiens baby books, best tummy time toys Merchant

Reading is a key skill for little ones—this cloth book, which highlights shapes and colors, is the perfect one to jump into learning. With six high-contrast colors, nine different patterns and one baby-proof mirror, you’ll have baby learning the basics of visual development in no time. The crinkle paper and bibi sounder on the pages will give your little one endless hours of fun.

Bigib Baby Infant Rattle Socks

bigib baby infant ratte socks, best tummy time toys Merchant

This pair of adorable foot finder socks and wrist rattles are the ideal accessories for when baby starts tummy time. The cutesy duo is perfect to enhance the sensory development of your baby—including hand, foot and eye coordination. With bold eye-catching patterns, these slip-on accessories promote interactive fun on baby’s little, growing body.

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Soft Baby Toy

melissa and doug flip fish toy, best tummy time toys Merchant


An ode to the beloved children’s book, The Rainbow Fish, this cuddly fish friend fits in swimmingly for tummy time! The squeaking, crinkling and multi-textured soft toy has bold facial features, bright colors and a tiny floor mirror. Get a kick out of the hidden pictures located under the scales. These make for hours of exploration and development of perceptual-motor skills.

It’s machine-washable, too. Add it to a water mat for maximum fun.

Baby Sensory Montessori Toy

hahaone baby sensory montessori toy, best tummy time toys Merchant

Ideal for your baby’s development, this colorful teething toy is made of BPA-free silicone and plastic—perfectly safe for babies to explore by mouthing. The sensory experience helps your little one learn about texture, taste and temperature. While laying on their tummy time mat, the toy encourages babies to build muscles for eating and speaking.

Bright Starts Oball Shaker Rattle Toy

bright starts oball shaker ratte toy, best tummy time toys Merchant


During tummy time, giving your baby a colorful toy with many features is ideal for success. The mini flexible Oballs are BPA-free and easy to hold for little ones on the younger side. The vividly bold rattle beads are easy to see and create fun sounds to entertain them for hours. For clean-up post-tummy time, wipe the toy clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Oballs are some of the best toys for babies of all ages and stages, so be sure to invest in this one.

Soft Baby Books

richgv soft baby books, best tummy time toys Merchant

Dinosaurs are extinct, but these soft baby books keep the mystical creatures alive. With a myriad of textures and imaginative content to explore, each page offers something fun—including dinosaurs and 3D tails, a dino doll, squeaky bubbles, crinkle pages and a mirror, alongside colorful and eye-catching images.

Unlike traditional baby and toddler books, these have no sharp edges and help baby develop their motor skills. These are great for older babies as well.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

manhattan toy rattle and sensory teether, best tummy time toys Merchant

ICYMI: colorful toys are the perfect accessory for tummy time. This rattle and sensory teether toy is ideal for little ones with little hands. Enjoy the mesmerizing pattern of soft, continuous BPA-free teething tubes.

For ultra-comfort and soothing, throw it in the fridge or freezer. The bright and lightweight toy won’t leave your baby’s side even after tummy time.

VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

vtech tummy time discovery pillow, best tummy time toys Merchant

We saved the best for last. VTech’s lovable giraffe pillow is the perfect addition to a dreaded time. Thanks to its comfortable upper body support, your baby learns to move through an array of activities and features, including a removable rattle and piano, which is home to over 50 songs, melodies and phrases.


This giraffe toy empowers little ones to develop their motor skills while having fun. We love all the visual stimulation. It also serves as a neck-cradling tummy time pillow for brief periods.

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This article was originally published on Oct 25, 2023

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