This photo shows the magical powers of breastmilk

Photographic support that breastfeeding can be medicine for your sick baby.

Photo: Mallory Smothers via Facebook Photo: Mallory Cunningham via Facebook

Your body is a wonderland, girl–especially your breastfeeding boobs.

Exhibit A: This Facebook photo from mom Mallory Cunningham of Arkansas that’s going viral. She pumped the bag of breastmilk on the left at night. She then nursed throughout the night and noticed her baby daughter had symptoms of a cold. She pumped again the next morning, and noticed her milk looked totally different – darker and thicker. In fact, it looked to Mallory like it was closer colostrum, the nutrient- and antibody-rich milk that babies get in the first day or two after birth before your regular breastmilk comes in. Perhaps the nighttime feeds signaled to her body that her baby was fighting an illness, and the Rx was supermilk.


Breastfeeding research finds breastmilk indeed has an amazing ability to adapt, making it the ideal food. “A mother’s milk changes throughout the day to meet the needs of her baby. If a mother and baby breathe in a germ, the breasts start to put antibodies to that germ into the milk,” according to a breastfeeding info sheet from La Leche League Canada.

Now go treat yourself to a pretty nursing bra to support those wonders of nature.

This article was originally published on Feb 23, 2016

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