The photo that perfectly describes parenthood

Parenthood can be a bit messy—OK, really messy. This photo is proof of that.

Photo: Memory Portraits by Gigi Photo: Memory Portraits by Gigi

I'm sure many parents can relate to this moment that Mark and Shayna recently shared on Facebook.

The couple were having a photo session with their sweet new baby—they were probably admiring how cute his chubby cheeks are. And how tiny his hands are. And of course, soaking in that new baby smell.

Then sh*t happened—literally! (WARNING: You may want to stop eating before you scroll down...)

Photo: Memory Portraits by Gigi Photo: Memory Portraits by Gigi

Yep, that's a photo of 10-day-old baby Asher nestled on his dad after having a rather loose poop.

"We finally had Asher relaxed and in a perfect position on my back," Mark told Today. "He decided to let it rip—like a loud cannon—and covered my back and jeans."


And FYI, Asher didn't just poop. He also peed and threw up on his dad.

Welcome to parenthood, Mark and Shayna! It's going to be a messy but amazing adventure.

This article was originally published on Aug 27, 2015

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