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Study says one-year-olds are rational—we call BS

We decided to do our own study to show just how rational babies are.

By Davina Sinnatamby

Study says one-year-olds are rational—we call BS

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So a new study concluded that babies have logical reasoning. Yes, your little one can problem solve at just 10 months. We decided we needed to do our own research.

Who needs Windex when you've got a tongue? We've got a little entrepreneur over here!

Need to sleep? Fall on face. Bam! Logical reasoning right there.

Where's the pasta? Where's the pasta? How do I get to the pasta?

This baby genius just invented a sippy cup wine glass! It's all the rage with the toddler set.

Nothing bad will happen to me if I pull on this very tall mirror.

Drink it faster and it'll taste better—baby logic!

Take the water wings off, you say? No problem!

I'm just going to squeeze that flame. Sigh, the young are so wise!

"Hello, Grandma? Yes, I'm calling from my foot-phone... it's way better than an eye-phone"

Just bask in all that intelligence!

This article was originally published on Nov 19, 2015

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