Nursery gear: Style and inspiration guide

What your baby needs most is love, of course, but this nursery gear will make your wee one's room comfortable and cozy.

By Tammy Sutherland


On trend styles 

1. A role (or two) of washi tape and some wall space is all you need to create this cute growth chart. Mark your kiddo's height along the trunk as he grows and fill the branches with snapshots of every gorgeous stage. So simple, right?

2. This sweet house-shaped shelving unit is super-trendy and looks adorable filled with toys for display in your newborn’s room. And when the trend passes, you can repurpose it as a little dollhouse, perfect for playtime. Petite House Shelving, from $44,> 

3. Don’t feel you have to hang artwork on the nursery walls. Instead try fun decals, like these ones that peel right off without ruining your paint job. Or hang garlands of pennants, pompoms or tassels. Just be sure to hang them out of baby’s reach to avoid choking hazards. Ferm Living Mini Hearts Wall Stickers, $26,>


Nursery essentials Make your wee one’s room comfortable and cozy with these key items.

1. Blackout blindsEncourage long naps by keeping the room nice and dark. Emery Cordless Roman shade, from $306,> 

2. Dim lightA soft glow keeps middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes mellow. Munchkin Light My Way Night Light, $15,>

3. Sleep sackSkip the blankets for now. Your baby will be warm and safe snoozing in this sack. Kissing Squirrels Anorak Grobag, $55,>

4. Video monitorKeep an eye on things with a smartphone-compatible video monitor. Withings Smart Baby Monitor, $250,>

5. CribConsider one that converts into a toddler bed for longer use. Gonatt Crib, $249,>

6. Humidifier Avoid dry skin and cold bugs by running a cool-mist humidifier. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $70,>

7. Changing padA portable pad, rather than a change table, can easily move around the house as needed. Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad, $120,>

8. Diaper disposalA good bin will help keep the nursery smelling fresh. Ubbi Diaper Pail, $90,>


1 Look 5 Ways We love mixing soft, cuddly blankets and fun animal pillows. Here are five cute combos.

Bold badger Donna Wilson Badger pillow, $145, + April Showers by Polder cover blanket, $125,

Solid gold fox Plum & Bow golden fox pillow, $39, + gold polka-dot quilt, $191,

La-la-land lambie Blabla wooly knit pillow, $69, + Vonbon triangle blanket, $54,

Pony Love Pony Love quilted pillow cover, $50 + everyday blanket, $125,

Cat nap Cat pillow, $36, + Merban natural throw with neon stripe, $190,

Stay safe: These adorable accessories are great nursery accents, but don't put them in your baby's crib just yet. Experts say a light blanket is fine around seven months, when your baby can confidently roll, and a pillow can be used around two years of age. In the meantime, they look cozy on a rocking chair.

version of this article appeared in our February 2014 issue with the headline “A room of their own,” p. 60-5.

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