Reader tips on how to cure momsomnia

Today's Parent readers offer tips on how to get some sleep during baby's first year.

By Today's Parent
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Not getting enough shut-eye at night? Today's Parent readers weigh in on what helps put them to sleep at night — without all that tossing and turning.

"I fared better when I focused on relaxing my body rather than worrying about getting to sleep. Lying down, eyes closed, feeling my body get heavier each time I exhaled. Also helpful was enjoying the moments of peacefulness and not spending the whole nap wondering when my baby was going to wake up!" — Stephanie Roberts from St. John's, Newfoundland via Facebook

"Sleep with the baby next to you, it's very relaxing." — Shannon Munson from Stony Mountain, Manitoba via Facebook

"Listening to podcasts on my iPod. It distracts me just enough to fall asleep." — Laura Amaral from Milton, Ontario via Facebook

"Mindful sleepy meditation! For every breath in, count down from 25. I was always asleep before I made it to one. It was hard to get those naps in while my newborn slept, but this helped!" — Melanie Khunkhun from Calgary, Alberta via Facebook

"After baby went to sleep I had some alone time with my husband. Sex makes me sleepy." — Jill Sacks Hulley from Red Deer, Alberta via Facebook


"My son slept in his own room in his own crib from the first night. We had a bedtime routine that we followed almost every night — bottle, bath, lotion massage, story, lullaby, sleep. When we did get up in the middle of the night, we kept all the lights off: no talking, no eye contact, no diaper change. He had his feeding and then went right back into the crib. He was sleeping through the night (and so was I!) from three months on. For myself, I like to leave the baby with Daddy for half an hour in the evening and go for a run, then have a nice long shower and read my book in the low light." — Ashley Sparkman from Kingston, Ontario via Facebook

"I jot down a list of everything I need to do so it's off my brain and then I can sleep!" — from @McCooeyMommyof3 via Twitter

"I write my thoughts down to help clear my mind." — @Momma_Laur via Twitter

"Hot shower, warm tea, and start reading a book. It works for me. Or try to start doing housework. That is a guaranteed sleeping pill." — from @Mamademics via Twitter

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