It was terrible: Ryan Reynolds on the rectal thermometer (and more!)

Ryan Reynolds opened up A LOT about baby James! He talks about her first fever, first word and a friend's betrayal.

Ryan Reynolds baby name david letterman Photo: GG/FameFlynet

Fave Canadian hearthrob Ryan Reynolds, 38, stopped by Live! With Kelly and Michael and The Tonight Show this week to promote his latest superhero flick, Deadpool—and to give us the obligatory update on his baby girl, James. Yay!

All is well with the nine-month-old, he told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, but she kept him up the night before the show because of a high fever

"She didn't sleep last night...first fever," he said, reassuring the sympathetic audience, "Awww, it's normal; it's fine."

When Kelly asked if James was just teething, Ryan said no, since the fever was too high. How did he know this? Well...


"How I found out was that I was told that I needed to check her temperature through the rectum," he explains.


"It was terrifying," he adds. "It all went well, though."

Phew! But it didn't go so well for Ryan, who acted a little traumatized by the event.


"You can't help but think this is going to leave a lasting mark," he says. "Like, I'm going to be walking her down the aisle years from now, and she's going to go, 'I know what you did!'"

Watch the clip here!


And we got more deets on the Tonight Show!

"She’s saying 'mama,'" Ryan tells Jimmy Fallon. "What my wife doesn’t realize is [James] calls me ‘Mama,’ too. Seriously. I literally had to sit her down and tell her that penises don’t work that way. She understands—she gets it."


Aww, poor "mama." But, so funny!


Alas, though, things haven't all been fun and games for Ryan and wife Blake Lively. In the latest issue of GQ, Ryan told a sordid story about how he had to disown one of his friends because they tried to sell a picture of James—and the famous couple have never even shared a photo of her face.

"A guy that I’d known for my whole life, one of my closest friends growing up, he had been shopping pictures of my baby around," Ryan tells the mag. "Somebody I grew up with, yeah. Somebody I’ve known, who’s been one of my closest friends, for 25 years.... It was like a death. It was like one of those devastating things to find out."

Aww, brutal betrayal!

Deadpool hits theatres February 2016.

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This article was originally published on Sep 22, 2015

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