Is it safe to reheat a bottle of formula?

Your baby didn't quite finish his bottle–is it safe to reheat it and let your baby drink it. We have the answer.

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Did your baby not finish his bottle of formula? Unfortunately, you can't reheat it. Formula should be used immediately and never be reheated. You should discard whatever formula is left.

Note: Babies don’t actually require warm milk (whether it’s formula or breast milk). Many new parents opt for bottle warmers on their newborn checklists, though. That's because many babies find warm milk soothing, and depending on the formula, it may be easier for them to digest. Not sure where to start? This inexpensive bottle warmer is one of the easiest to use.

Have more bottle-feeding questions? Download our chart here and put it on the fridge—it has the answer to all your questions.


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This article was originally published on Jul 19, 2016

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