Introducing Babypod: The first-ever concert for your fetus

Forget singing to your baby-to-be! With this vaginal speaker, your baby can enjoy the soothing voice of Adele or Madonna.


"Hello? Can you hear me?"

Yep, loud and clear, thanks to the Babypod.

We've all heard that babies respond well to music, while in the womb. But sounds from the outside can be muffled, which is not ideal for the baby who really wants to rock out. Not to worry! Babypod has created a vaginal speaker that can safely be inserted (yes, inside your vagina) so that the music can be heard by your unborn baby directly and more clearly.

Basically, it's like your baby is plugging in headphones to their own personal iPod. This could be a bit shocking to your baby.

The company's site states that "stimulating babies through music in their first months of life has positive effects on brain development." According to the product testing conducted by Institut Marquès, a centre in gynaecology, babies responded to the speaker by "moving their mouths and tongues." I guess that's how babies rock out?


The site claims the silicone product to be safe for pregnant women and their fetuses. The decibel level is the equivalent to a "hushed conversation," and the vibrating sound waves "have no adverse effects on the foetus." They claim it has the same effect sex toys have when used during pregnancy. And you can control the music from your Smartphone, and even listen with your baby!

The cost of your baby's first concert is $188, and can be bought straight from the Babypod website. It includes a warranty, headphones and a user's manual in the cute little kit.

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If inserting a speaker up there isn't really your thing, there's also external "prenatal speakers" on the market that you can use to wrap around your tummy.

Rock on, little unborn fetus, rock on.

This article was originally published on Jan 06, 2016

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