How do I stop my baby from taking short naps?

Learn how to stretch your baby's sleep time with these helpful tips for eliminating short naps.

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Q My seven-month-old will only nap in 20-minute snoozes sprinkled throughout the day. It’s frustrating. I can’t get anything done. Would two longer naps per day be healthier for me?

A Two naps a day – each at least an hour in length – would be much more restorative. These mini-naps are clearly not enough for him or for you. Try focusing on a nap after lunch, as it’s one of the more important naps of the day. Even if he’s wide awake, put him down for a nap in the location where you’d like him to sleep for longer periods. And remember that better sleep during the night means better naps during the day.
—Tracey Ruiz, Sleep doula

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