Hello, green poop emoji! Emoticons for parents are here

You can now succinctly express yourself for every blowout, hemorrhoid cream application and all-nighter. Hooray!

Photo: Luvs Momoji Photo: Luvs Momoji

Baby just pooped out something green and foreign? There's an emoji for that. About to apply hemorrhoid cream? There's an emoji for that. Time to eat a whole tub of ice cream by yourself because you can't just not give in to those pregnancy cravings? Guess what? There's an emoji for that, too.

Thanks to American diaper company Luvs, you can now express each of your parenting woes in one single character with their new emoji keyboard, Momoji.

Available for download on both Apple and Android, the Momoji emojis highlight some of parenthood's finest moments. For example, the coffee cup with a little heart above it could be used for when you haven't slept in a week, but you want to show the world how much you're loving life right now!

If your friend is wondering what you're up to right now, you could now easily just send a nursing bra with an open flap to tell her you're breastfeeding. There are also baby faces for all of your little one's emotions: happy, sad, silly, sleepy, sick, and devil-mode.

Being a parent isn't easy, and it's definitely not easy to text while you're carrying a baby or pushing a stroller. But who needs words when you have emojis?

This article was originally published on Dec 02, 2015

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