Dad creates hilarious Dubsmash videos to keep working mom from missing baby

From Star Wars references to lip-syncing Adele, these Dubsmash videos definitely kept mom entertained!

Going back to work after mat leave is rough! But what if there was a way to stay constantly connected to your little one, while having a good laugh?

When Minneapolis mom Priscilla Bruce went back to work, her husband Eric decided to take advantage of Dubsmash–a video messaging app that lets you lip-sync songs and movie lines—as a means of keeping mom and baby connected. The result? Pure comedic gold. In fact, the couple’s Facebook friends loved the videos so much that they requested more, leading Eric to create a compilation of their greatest hits.

Packed with classic movie lines and hit songs, the compilation video features all the Dubsmash videos Eric and baby Jack made over the span of a year. Watch dad and son act out the iconic Lord of the Rings scene where Sam carries Frodo up Mount Doom, or watch Jack cry out Wookie noises. And who could not use JT‘s “Cry Me a River” when a baby’s crying, am I right? It’s those opportune moments that make these Dubsmash videos both precious and hilarious.

It’s hard being away from your kid. But there’s always technology to make things not so bad. Thanks, Dubsmash!

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