There are Ta-Ta Towels for breastfeeding moms and we're actually into them

We were skeptical at first, but this new Ta-Ta Towel is perfect for nursing moms

In the summer of 2017, the world was introduced to the Ta-Ta Towel and the internet went wild. For the uninformed, the Ta-Ta Towel is a terry cloth, over-the-shoulder boulder holder—literally—that’s meant to save big-chested ladies from the woes of sweaty underboobs.

It may be because we live in a colder climate (although summers here in Toronto can get super humid) or perhaps it’s because we don’t see what a swipe of a regular bath towel can’t accomplish in terms of keeping us dry, but the original Ta-Ta Towel seems like a bit of a novelty item to us. HOWEVER, the new maternity version they recently released? THAT’s something we can get behind.

Product shot of the new Maternity Ta-Ta Towel showing a woman opening the overlapping nursing flap

Photo: Courtesy of Ta-Ta Towels

The Maternity Ta-Ta Towel, which is available online for $55 USD, and comes in four different colour combinations, is just like the original except it has overlapping flaps in each cup that let breastfeeding moms give their babies easy nipple access. While the original version is a bit of an eyeroll, this new version just makes sense. Why, you ask? Well, something nobody really advertises about breastfeeding (other than the fact it’s not intuitive and some say it’s more painful than childbirth) is that it can get really sweaty. Yep, nobody knows underboob sweat more than a nursing mom, especially in the heat of summer.

A mom breastfeeding her baby in bed on a nursing pillow 3 tips on finding the best nursing bra for youBabies are like little heaters and once they latch onto your breast, it’s like having a hot water bottle strapped to your ribs. And you’re probably stuck there sweating up a storm for at least half an hour (although it can feel like an eternity). Next time you see a breastfeeding mom finish nursing and the baby’s onesie is all damp, know that’s probably not only from spilt milk—it’s also sweat.

This is where the Ta-Ta Towel shines. It won’t help very much for breastfeeding in public (see our roundup of nursing bras for that), but for breastfeeding at home? This not-quite-a-bra loungewear may be the ticket to a more comfortable nursing experience. So what do you think? Would you try it?

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