10 Best Baby Closet Organizers 2024

It's easy to keep baby's essentials in order with these clever closet organizers.

10 Best Baby Closet Organizers 2024


Organization is most important when you have a little one running around. Between a stack of onesies, itsy-bitsy socks and toys galore, baby closet organizers are the unsung heroes of staying sane and maintaining order.

We've gathered some of our favorite closet essentials to store everything baby-related. With these kids’ room organization tips in tow, cross this one off your newborn checklist — it's organization time!

What to look for in the best baby closet organizers

Having organizers for your baby’s closet is a lifesaver when setting up their space. “Organizing your child’s closet or dresser can help keep the space and your brain neat and tidy,” says Lauren Gregor, founder of Rent a Romper.

“With everything organized, labeled and easy to find, you'll get baby dressed easily and find the next size of clothing when they outgrow their sleep sack overnight.”

“The best organizers allow you to easily see and reach everything, with features like clear bins, adjustable shelves and labeled dividers.”

Our favorite baby closet organizers 2024

Over Door Hanging Organizer Storage

Univivi Over Door Hanging Organizer Storage, best baby closet organizers Merchant

For some, a tried and true over-the-door baby organizer is the way to go. This five-pocket organizer is spacious and sturdy, complete with mesh windows to see what's inside. A thick PVC pocket sits at the top of the organizer.


For heavy products, the compartments have all-around support and uses easy-to-hang metal hooks. This organizer a great option for holding diapers, stuffed animals and baby towels!

mDesign Fabric Playroom Closet Organizer

mDesign Fabric Nursery/Playroom Closet Storage Organizer, best baby closet organizers Merchant

Keep baby’s closet clutter under control by organizing your little one's items. With four bins made from durable and easy-to-clean materials, these easily fit toys, blankets, diapers and more.

6-Shelf Hanging Organizer

Vailando 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer, best baby closet organizers Merchant

Ideal for keeping baby’s nursery necessities in tow, this hanging shelf organizer is key. It features six compartments, including three open shelves, a removable drawer and two spacious drawers for hide-away items. For smaller spaces, the organizer detaches in half and fits any closet height.

Over The Door Shoes Organizer

PACMAXI Over The Door Shoes Organizer, best baby closet organizers Merchant

Keep your baby's shoes organized and paired up! The 24 PVC clear pocket design holds 12 pairs of shoes for little ones aged six to 12 months. Thanks to the simple design, you can view and protect their kicks with ease.

mDesign Fabric Drawer Organizer Bins

mDesign Fabric Drawer Organizer Bins, best baby closet organizers Merchant

Say hello to a top-notch coordinated closet organization! These fabric bins let your imagination do the work — perfectly for mixing and matching, the set includes eight organizers (two large, two medium and four small) — each boasting the ability to fit baby clothes, bibs, diapers and more.

This set offers plenty of extra storage for your nursery closet, making sectioning tight spaces a breeze. These stylish bins come in three designs and fold flat when not in use.

3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

GRANNY SAYS 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer, best baby closet organizers Merchant

If an over-the-door baby organizer is your jam, this colorful three-pocket organizer is for you. Ideal for clothing, toys and extra linens, the little strip design in the front of each shelf prevents items from slipping off — especially tiny baby accessories.

Made of a lightweight, washable fabric, each layer has a removable and durable board to enhance the organizer’s capacity.

mDesign Stackable Fabric Baby Storage Organizer

mDesign Medium Soft Stackable Fabric Baby Nursery Storage Organizer, best baby closet organizers Merchant

Keep nursery closet clutter under control with these soft bins. From onesies and bootie socks to crib sheets and blankets, each one neatly stores essentials. Made of ultra-durable materials, the bins are the ideal storage solution for tight closet spaces.

2-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

STORAGE MANIAC 2-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer, best baby closet organizers Merchant

Create more space in baby’s closet with this sleek organizer. The hanging shelf baskets are specially designed with soft and breathable mesh to home their essentials. It’s complete with a transparent clear window to help you easily find what you need.

Thanks to sturdy hooks, the hanging storage bins can be used alone or in connection. The neutral grid pattern works with most closet spaces to fit their bed linens, toys, onesies and extra baby goodness.

Minnebaby 42-Piece Nursery Organizer Storage Closet Set

Minnebaby 42-Piece Nursery Organizer Storage Closet Set, best baby closet organizers Merchant

For all the parents looking for a closet overhaul, the organizer set fits the bill. With 42 pieces, there's room for all of your baby's things! The set includes one six-shelf hanging door organizer, four storage bins, seven baby closet dividers and 30 velvet hangers.

mDesign Fabric Hanging Organizer

mDesign Fabric Hanging Organizer, best baby closet organizers Merchant

Over 2,500 reviewers love these hanging storage bins by mDesign. It hangs by a rod and offers six roomy compartments to maximize space in any room. Effortlessly store toys, clothing and tiny accessories in the durable organizer.


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