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7 best travel cribs for baby

Have baby, will travel? Then you’ll need some good gear. Here are some of our favourite portable cribs for smart design and ease of use.

By Erin Hershberg

7 best travel cribs for baby

Photo: BabyBjörn

New families know that travelling light is just shy of impossible with babies in tote. But travelling smart? Well, that’s the next best thing. These days, portable cribs come in all kinds of configurations—from fast folders to featherweights—allowing parents to quell their travel envy while still accommodating baby’s needs. Win-win! Here are our top picks of travel cribs for baby.

Best travel cribs for baby

Travel Crib Easy Go

Pared down to its basic functions and clean, practical design, the Travel Crib Easy Go is a simple and lightweight crib-to-go from Scandinavian brand BabyBjörn. Weighing in at only six kilograms (including the carry bag) and quick to set up with one simple movement, this easy sleeper might be worth the steep price for this feature alone. The mattress is also more cushioned than the standard Graco model, which might help parents rest easier, too. $390, well.ca

7 best travel cribs for babyPhoto: BabyBjörn

Newborn2Toddler Playard

From the pioneer of the portacrib, Graco, comes the classic Pack ’n Play with a twist: the Newborn2Toddler Playard. Though it may be pricier than the original, this travel crib has lots of bells and whistles—including a detachable, vibrating bassinet, a change table and storage, along with the ability to transition into a toddler bed!—that provide legit functionality from infancy to big-kid land. The Pack ’n Play isn’t the lightest of all its competitors (weighing 16.5 kilograms), but its arsenal of conveniences is worth it. $375, target.com (Canadian prices may fluctuate based on exchange rate)

7 best travel cribs for babyPhoto: Graco

Play-to-Night Travel Crib

One-upping Graco in the growing-children department, the Play-to-Night Travel Crib from the clever team at Skip Hop boasts telescoping sides that expand 60 percent, literally getting bigger as your child does while remaining lightweight (at 6.8 kilograms). The crib also doubles as a playpen and is equipped with both a mattress pad for sleep and a water-resistant mat for play. $260, amazon.ca (in March 2019)

7 best travel cribs for babyPhoto: Skip Hop

Breeze Plus Playard

Late-night arrivals at your Airbnb are no issue with one of the easiest-to-open travel cribs on the market, the Breeze Plus Playard. Weighing 10.4 kilograms, it isn’t the lightest, but an innovative design from modern parenting gurus 4moms means that your cranky baby’s bed will be up and ready in seconds. Just open up the Velcro flaps, push down on the central button and, voila, you’ll have an instant nursery. $399, well.ca

7 best travel cribs for babyPhoto: 4moms

Lotus Travel Crib

As the name may imply, the lightweight (at six kilograms) Lotus Travel Crib by Guava is truly set up for life on the road, with a hands-free backpack carrying case and 15-second setup. Catering to your little one’s comfort, the crib offers a quilted plush crib sheet as an add-on and fully unzips in the front so that mom or dad can crawl in for a snuggle before bed. Approximately $400 (depending on US exchange rate, amazon.ca

7 best travel cribs for baby

Sena Aire

As with most products from the Dutch design team at Nuna, this chic travel crib pleases parents with its sleek, modern look and keeps baby resting peacefully with its innovative design. At the forefront of the Sena are its triple-layered mesh mattress, which accommodates baby’s comfort with aplomb, and an advanced airflow design to reassure mom and dad that their little one is safe and sound. While it’s on the heavier side (at 11.5 kilograms), it still opens up quickly and easily. $300, westcoastkids.ca

7 best travel cribs for baby

Pack ’n Play Playard

When it comes to value, there is something to be said for cutting out the extras, like the change station (a blanket on the floor is a perfectly acceptable way to change baby), and going with a trusted name like Graco. The OG of playards, the Pack ’n Play is an extremely lightweight (at 5.4 kilograms), safe and comfortable space for your baby to catch a dream-filled snooze. Elevate the little nook with some quilted sheets and, you never know, your baby might let you sleep the whole night. $180, amazon.ca

7 best travel cribs for babyPhoto: Graco

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This article was originally published on Feb 13, 2019