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11 best baby swaddles

Many parents and paediatricians swear that swaddling can help most babies sleep longer and cry less. These are some of the most recommended styles.

Sleep-deprived parents will try anything to get their little ones to sleep. Unfortunately, there’s no fool-proof product when it comes to baby swaddles—different styles work for different babies and some babies flat-out refuse to be confined. But many parents and paediatricians swear that swaddling can help most babies sleep longer and cry less.

Here are some of the most recommended styles:

Classic swaddles

Babies R Us - Flannel Cotton Receiving Blanket 4-Pack - Green

Photo: Babies R Us

Receiving blankets
That cozy blanket your baby was wrapped in right after birth? That actually makes an awesome swaddle—particularly if you have a winter baby. Get the nurses at the hospital or your midwife to train you on wrapping techniques (don’t be afraid to make it tight!). Babies R Us Flannel Cotton Receiving Blanket 4-Pack, $15,

aden + anais classic swaddles around the world 4 pack

Photo: aden + anais

Muslin blankets
These extra-large blankets measure 47 inches squared, giving you lots of room to master the perfect wrap. Made from a light, open weave fabric, these can also be used as burp cloths, nursing covers, portable crib sheets, change pad liners or for tummy time. Aden + Anais Classic Swaddles, $59,

Multicoloured miracle Blanket baby swaddle

Photo: Miracle Blanket

Miracle Blanket Baby Swaddle
A baby lying on a swaddling planet about to be swaddled How to swaddle your baby: Step-by-step instructionsLess complicated to fold than a plain blanket, this swaddle has a built-in leg pouch and two sets of wings to wrap first the arms then the torso. Be warned, it’s not the easiest swaddle to use, but once you master the technique (it comes with instructions), Miracle Blanket promises effectiveness—there’s even a money-back guarantee! $40,

Easy-to-use swaddles

original grey herringbone woombie

Photo: Snugglebugz

For the parent who just can’t with all the flaps and folding, the Woombie couldn’t be easier to use. Made from light, breathable, multi-dimensional stretch fabric, just zip up and you’re done. $43,

SNOO Organic Cotton Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle Grey Melange with Stars

Photo: SNOO

SNOO Organic Cotton Sleepea 5-Second Swaddle
Developed by paediatrician Harvey Karp—the author of The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep—the Sleepea claims to swaddle your baby in 5 seconds. With a two-way zip down the centre, it’s super easy to use and the inner band is designed to prevent little Houdini babies from breaking out. $30,

Summer Infant® SwaddleMe® 3-Pack Small/Medium Safari Swaddles in Grey/Yellow

Photo: Summer Infant

Summer Infant SwaddleMe
A great economical option, these soft swaddles often come in three-packs and have a roomy leg pouch and Velcro wings that can be adjusted to fit baby’s comfort. $40,

Hedgehog ergobaby swaddler

Photo: Ergobaby

Ergobaby Swaddler
Escape-proof arm pockets keep even the best baby ninjas contained in this super soft swaddle, while a removable leg pouch makes diaper-changing a breeze. $33,

Transitioning swaddles

pink and green whale printed swaddler

Photo: Sleeping Baby Inc

Sleeping Baby Inc. Zipadee-zip
The unique starfish design of this swaddle doesn’t limit your baby’s full range of motion but still keeps them feeling warm and secure. It’s the perfect transition for babies three months and up who want to feel less constricted and have learned to roll over, but who might still have a startle reflex or the tendency to scratch their face. $51,

Grey striped swaddler

Photo: Love to Dream

Love To Dream Swaddle UP 50/50
Ideal for the baby who to sleep with their arms up to begin with, then you can remove the arms one at a time to transition out of it. The snug fit is loose around the hips so baby can naturally flex their legs. $50,

Blue bow patterned swaddler

Photo: Halo

Halo SleepSack Swaddle
This sleep sack/swaddle combo is the perfect way to transition your little one out of the swaddle and into the sleep sack. The Velcro flaps can be used over arms to keep baby snug or pulled across the torso (with arms out) for an extra snug fit. $35,

Gro Snug 2 in 1 Swaddle Newborn Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag - Cosy Grosnug Grey Marl

Photo: Gro-snug

Gro-snug 2 in 1 Swaddle and Newborn Grobag
Grobag fans will love this early introduction to the product, which has snaps on the arm holes to keep arms contained or out of the bag. A handy side zip provides access for those late-night diaper changes. $45,

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