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4 signs of baby constipation

Worried about baby constipation? Here are some sure signs she's backed up.

Eventually you’ll get to know the colour, consistency and frequency of your baby’s bowel movements all too well. But healthy patterns vary so much, and things are always changing. So how do you know if she’s backed up?

1. Focus on consistency over frequency—it’s normal for babies to go days without a bowel movement. If stool is firm and compact, like pebbles or logs, that could signal constipation.

2. If there is blood in her diaper or in the stool, it could mean hard poo has torn the rectal wall.

3. If there’s been a diet change, like switching to formula or starting solid foods, it could hold things up.

4.  If her belly is bloated, her intestines may be backed up.

If you suspect your baby is constipated, see your doctor for treatment advice.

A version of this article appeared in our January 2016 issue, titled “You vs. Poo, pp. 51-56.

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