Alicia Silverstone addresses mouth-feeding controversy

Alicia Silverstone caught a lot of flack for feeding her baby Bear out of her mouth. Here's what she wants to say to everyone.

By Haley Overland
Alicia Silverstone addresses mouth-feeding controversy

Photo by GJC/FameFlynet Pictures

Remember that home video Alicia Silverstone, 35, shared last month featuring Alicia encouraging her 11-month-old son, Bear Blu, to eat her chewed-up food straight out of her mouth? Well, it caused a big kerfuffle! It was all over the Internet, and Alicia caught a lot of flack.

Here's what she told reporters last weekend (at a screening of Clueless and her latest flick Vamps) in retort:

People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands for years. It’s a weaning process.... He attacks my mouth and I think it’s adorable.... It makes me laugh every time he does it.... He also knows how to use his hands and he also eats regular food. When babies are weaning, he still breastfeeds. Some people think that’s disgusting too, which is insane.

I personally didn't think there was anything wrong with the mouth-to-mouth eating. It's not my thing, personally. But, as Alicia said, the practice has been around for centuries. And if she thinks it's right, then it's right for her and her baby. But I did think it was bizarre that she posted that video. There was no sound, so we could really only make assumptions, and it didn't particularly look like Bear was "attacking" her mouth, as she'd claimed in the video's intro.

Anyway, here's what she says about posting that video:

Honestly, when I posted the video I was not thinking, so maybe I was like Cher Clueless>! I didn’t think I was inventing anything. I really wasn’t trying to tell anybody what to do [or] cause such a ruckus.

What do you think of all this, Gorgeouses? Have you ever posted something on the Internet that you later regretted (I have!)?

xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Apr 10, 2012

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