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Ask a paediatrician: What are new parents most surprised by?

Concerns about baby poop colour, newborn eyesight, when to start solids: your baby's first year is full of questions. We asked Dr. Dina Kulik to address the most common ones.

I bet you never thought you would be googling, “is green baby poop normal?” but here you are. New parents have a lot of questions, and doctors have heard ’em all. Toronto-based paediatrician Dr. Dina Kulik shares the most common concerns and questions she gets on the job.

1. Green poop
Baby poop is often green, which does not mean there’s an imbalance in your breast milk or that it’s bad formula. It’s normal.

2. Sleep
Your baby will not likely sleep “through the night” (i.e., for longer than 10 hours) until after nine months of age.

3. Eyesight
Babies don’t focus on you well until they’re about two months old. Their eyes may dart back and forth creepily for weeks!

4. Cracking joints
Babies’ shoulders, knees and ankles crack often, and this doesn’t hurt or create issues.

5. Starting solids
At six months, you can start offering solids. Continue to offer milk (bottle or breast) as the main source of nutrition, but begin with one meal of solids a day and work your way up to three.

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