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Babyscope: Virgo

Routine-loving Virgo's are often high achievers. Do you have a future CEO on your hands?

By Today's Parent
horoscope-virgo-660x660Early Virgo: August 23 to September 1

These babes love predictability. Chaos is the one thing that upsets these earth sign tots the most. A regular, predictable and calm routine goes a long way to keep your wee one happy and content. These little perfectionists are neat and tidy right from the get-go. You won't have to nag this one to keep his room in order as he gets older. His standards will be high as he grows, as will his expectations of himself. You have a budding high achiever on your hands.

Mid Virgo: September 2 to 11 Intellectual Mercury rules Virgo, and these kids are indeed smart as a whip. Once your wee one starts to talk, he'll progress to reading and writing at warp speed, thanks to speedy Mars hooking up to communicative Mercury in his chart. Your toddler will adore animals, and will want one from an early age. Virgo kids need to be needed, so consider adopting a pet from the animal shelter, with junior in charge of its care. He could easily find a career in caring for others when he gets older.

Late Virgo: September 12 to 22 The keyword for Virgo is "discriminating," and these kids can be quite selective about what they eat or wear. Luckily for you, your wee one will naturally love healthy food, although it could be a bit much when he takes apart and inspects every sandwich you make for him. He'll be disciplined and responsible early on, and will take on an after-school job just as soon as you'll let him. You could have a future successful financier in your midst.

This article was originally published on Feb 03, 2014

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