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Babyscope: Pisces

Born with a loving heart and sensitive side, Pisces babes like to do things their own way.

horoscope-pisces-660x660Early Pisces: February 19 to 29
Pisces babes are born with a soft heart and loving soul. He’ll always be the first to offer help and reassurance to an upset friend or sibling. He can’t bear to see any living creature in distress, so expect him to bring home a few strays. He’s got a fertile imagination, and he loves to play dress-up and charades. With feisty Mars and Jupiter aligned in her chart, he’ll always be a champion for the underdog.

Mid Pisces: March 1 to 10
Pisces babes are incredibly sensitive. They take in and feel everything, so if you’re upset, your wee one is too. Your little fish loves the water, and it’s the best way to soothe him when he’s upset (even taking a walk by the water will make him feel calm and content). With Venus in Aries, your youngster is no wallflower! He has the perfect blend of sensitivity and confidence to ensure he succeeds in his chosen path!

Late Pisces: March 11 to 20
Your little one’s imagination is so rich and fertile that he can keep himself occupied for hours with storybooks and by playing pretend. Pisces rules the feet, and your little fish has a talented pair. He loves dancing and will amaze you with his ability to on the soccer field. With the Sun and unconventional Uranus aligned in his chart, he’ll never be afraid of doing things his own way.

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