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Babyscope: Libra

Learn more about the (mostly) sweet Libra traits here. Do you notice any in your new baby?

By Today's Parent
horoscope-libra-660x660Early Libra: September 23 to October 2 Libra is the sign of grace, beauty and harmony, and these kids naturally embody all of these qualities. Dimples are a dead giveaway of this sign, as are long lush eyelashes, even for the boys. It's a social sign, and these tots don't like to be alone for too long. Just being with you helps to keep her calm and happy. She'll be popular at school and will always be busy with friends, sports and social activities. With Venus in perfectionist Virgo, your little one will always strive to be the best at what she does.
Mid Libra: October 3 to 12 Venus, the planet of art and creativity rules Libra, and these kids will display a natural flair for art and music. Introduce fingerpaints, clay or crayons early on and see what masterpieces your little artist can create. She'll have strong opinions about what she wants to wear, and will probably be the best-dressed third grader in school! This great taste carries on through high school, and she could easily end up in a career in the arts.
Late Libra: October 13 to 22 These babes have a sweet and loving disposition (most) of the time. As long as her environment is calm and loving, so is she. Because Libra is the sign of the scales, your youngster will always see both sides of a situation, making decision-making a very long process (this is why Librans are notorious for being late). With Venus in Libra, she'll be an expert negotiator. Don't be surprised if you find yourself shaking your head, wondering how she got you to agree to that large allowance increase. Smart, classy and social, politics or mediation could be in her future.

This article was originally published on Feb 03, 2014

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