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Babyscope: Leo

Leo's are typically natural born leaders with potential future prospects in writing, athletics or acting.

By Today's Parent
horoscope-leo-660x660Early Leo: July 23 to August 1 These babes are incredibly loving and affectionate (Leo is the sign of love after all!). Your wee one is quite expressive, with a glowing smile that absolutely bowls over anyone who comes near her. No wonder Leos get so much attention! As she grows she'll show her creative side, with a definite flair for the dramatic. School plays? Absolutely! She'll always audition for - and probably land - the lead role. Loads of appreciation and praise are what help your little cub to blossom into the best lion she can be.
Mid Leo: August 2 to 11 Leo is a fire sign and ruled by the Sun, the centre of the universe. These babes are naturally the centre of attention, and will be for their whole life. As your wee one grows she'll be a born leader, striving to be captain of the soccer team or at the top of the honour roll. As she has harmonious Venus and communicative Mercury in alignment, she'll be a skilled communicator or writer. Whatever she chooses to do, she'll always strive to be number one!
Late Leo: August 12 to 22 These kids are naturally self-possessed and assured, even when very young. Your little one has a strong-willed, determined side. With feisty Mars and optimistic Jupiter in alignment in her chart, she'll have a strong adventurous and athletic streak. School sports or dramatic arts will be a great outlet for her abundant energy, and will give her a platform to outshine her peers.

This article was originally published on Feb 03, 2014

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