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Babyscope: Gemini

Since Gemini is a communication sign, you may have an early talker on your hands.

horoscope-gemini-660x660Early Gemini: May 21 to 30
Gemini is the communication sign, and these kids usually learn to talk and read well before their peers. Your babe is a little smarty pants, and she’ll implore you to read her endless bedtime stories, although she’ll be reading them herself in the blink of an eye. Clever, witty and funny, she’s also endlessly curious about everything and everyone. This will make her a favourite amongst her friends, and an amazing student, if she can stay focused on one thing long enough.

Mid Gemini: May 31 to June 9
This is the sign of “the Twins,” and sometimes you’ll wonder if your child has two personalities. Her moods can change in a flash, which is a blessing when you’re trying to distract your babe from something she doesn’t like. Your little one is exceptionally intelligent and very curious. As she grows, she’ll keep you on your toes with her continual “but why?” questions. Her teachers will love her. In fact, she could end up becoming a wise professor herself one day.

Late Gemini: June 10 to 21
Gemini rules the hands, and these tiny tots will be using theirs almost constantly. Baby signing was practically invented for these smart and quick babes, and your wee one will take to it and perfect it, almost immediately. Smart and social, she’ll be very popular as she grows, and will be involved in a myriad of after-school events. A cellphone and computer will be mandatory for her at an early age too, to help her stay connected to friends and keep her in the know.

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