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Babyscope: Cancer

What does sensitive yet strong zodiac sign Cancer have in store for your baby? Find out here.

By Today's Parent
horoscope-cancer-660x660 Early Cancer: June 22 to July 1 Cancer is a water sign and these babes live in the world of feelings. Your little crab's moods will fluctuate like the ocean tides, as he responds strongly to his environment. He'll react to how you say something even more than to your actual words. If you're upset, then he's upset. Intuitive, empathetic and a natural leader, your youngster will always make family a priority. He'll have a handful of really close friends who will quickly become part of his extended family.
Mid Cancer: July 2 to 11 Cancer may be a sensitive sign, but it's also a strong, take-charge sign.Your little one will start showing signs of his determination early on. If anyone dares to mess with his siblings, they'll have him to answer to. He'll fiercely defend anyone he loves. Gentle and kind, also he's security-minded. Your youngster will want to join in the family business when he's able. Don't have one? He could eventually start one of his own, and then ask you to join in.
Late Cancer: July 12 to 22 These babes are easily distinguishable by their huge eyes. Peer into these soft, round limpid pools of love. Cancer rules the stomach, and these kids do love to eat. Food will always be a source of comfort for your little one, or his way of comforting others. As he gets older, cooking and baking will likely be a passionate pastime or even a profession.

This article was originally published on Feb 03, 2014

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