The Ultimate Astrology Gift Guide for Little Ones

Not sure what to get your little Leo or Scorpio this holiday season? Here’s what the sun suggests.

The Ultimate Astrology Gift Guide for Little Ones

Struggling to find the perfect holiday gift for your little one? Consider taking advice from the zodiac.

Although human beings are multifaceted, your kid’s sun sign describes the essence of their personality. It can shed a light on their natural interests, which will remain with them for their entire life. Selecting astrology gifts for kids that play into these core interests and personality traits may bring you closer to finding a gift your kid will actually play with (and not toss in the corner after five minutes!)

Check out what gifts their horoscope suggests below:

Aries (approx. March 20 – April 18)

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries kids are fearless and quick to jump into action—working up a sweat on a regular basis is an absolute necessity for these kids. Their courageous and assertive nature means they're drawn to high speeds, throwing punches and sharp objects (yikes!).

Trampolines, a punching bag or a dart board would fit well with your little ram’s fiery personality. Aries kids are also highly competitive and love to be number one in everything. If your Aries has a sibling, you can quell that natural rivalry by incorporating elements of friendly competition, like racing bikes or seeing who can cross the finish line first with a remote control car.

kid-sized trampoline with hand bar Merchant

Aries kids tend to be dexterous and enjoy gifts that exercise fine motor skills and let them get messy—just don’t expect them to sit still for too long! Keeping an Aries active is kids' astrology 101.

shooter made from orange blocks Merchant

Taurus (approx. April 19 – May 19)

Taurus kids are artistic and love to flex their creative muscles. They also have the most heightened senses of all the zodiac signs, so gifts that stimulate smell and texture work really well. This holiday season, try to diversify their toys by getting some scented markers, textured paint brushes or Kinetic Sand in fun ice cream scents.

Due to their practical and materialistic nature, Taureans enjoy collecting things and may take an early interest in money. Toys with pretend money, like Monopoly Junior, a toy cash register or an old-fashioned piggy bank, are sure to make your little bull happy.

box of ice cream-scented sand Merchant

Also, Taurus belongs to the earth element, which makes digging in the dirt and gardening (even if it’s just for pretend) activities that they will enjoy.

Gardening set for taurus kids gifts Merchant


Gemini (approx. May 20 – June 20)

Naturally curious and inquisitive, Gemini kids are like walking encyclopedias. Their insatiable thirst for knowledge leads them to constantly seek out learning opportunities, whether it’s reading books, listening to stories or talking to others.

Stock up on story box sets that your kid can work through on their own and storytelling cards to spark their imagination. Gemini kids are very logical and have strong problem-solving skills, which they are eager to put to use. Make sure to give your kid plenty of ways to exercise these skills with riddles, mazes, logic and memory games.

pink rollerblades Photo: Merchant

Belonging to the air element, Geminis are restless and struggle with sitting still for too long. Skateboards, scooters, bikes and roller skates are all excellent choices for releasing all of that active energy!

blue stand with yellow and red chips Photo: Courtesy of Hasbro

Cancer (approx. June 21 – July 21)

Similar to the crab that finds comfort and security in its shell, kids born under the Cancer zodiac sign are homebodies. They need a cozy nook in the house that they can call their own. They also care deeply about their home and genuinely want to help out around the house. Whether it’s cooking a meal, cleaning up a mess or doing a load of laundry, if you can’t involve your kid in these real-life activities, let them play pretend!

The Ultimate Astrology Gift Guide for Little Ones

Their sentimental nature is extra good and makes them appreciate the little moments and enjoy making memories. But their big feelings can easily carry them away, so introducing them to mindfulness early on is key.

box with yoga figures Photo: Merchant

Leo (approx. July 22 – August 21)

Ruled by the sun, which is at the centre of our solar system, Leo kids love to be the centre of attention. Their self-expressive personality means that they don’t shy away from the spotlight. Lean into their playful nature by giving them plenty of opportunities to perform in front of others, whether it’s putting on a magic show or a musical act.

pink makeup bag with toy makeup Photo: Merchant

Leo children care deeply about their physical appearance and often mimic adults in their self-grooming practices. They are quick to underscore their individuality and appreciate high-quality, personalized items. Their creative and competitive nature means that they are one of the easiest zodiac signs to shop for as artistic gifts, competitive outdoor games or a simple board game would all be well received.

purple mic stand with karaoke machine Photo: Merchant

box with crafting tools Photo: Courtesy of Spirograph

Virgo (approx. August 22 – September 21)

If you don’t want your Virgo kid to raid your toolbox, invest in toys that give their dexterous nature proper exercise. Given their painstaking attention to detail and meticulous approach, your kid can tinker with complex mechanisms and construction-based STEM toys for hours (which translates into some free time for you!) Virgo kids tend to have strong logical thinking skills.

wooden vet set Photo: Merchant

This means puzzles of any kind make great gifts. And their organization skills mean you’ll have less toys lying around if you give them proper storage solutions. Virgo children also genuinely want to help others. Playing doctor or a veterinarian works especially well since Virgo energy is associated with health and pets.

tool box full of building pieces Photo: Merchant

Libra (approx. September 22 – October 22)

Libra kids have refined tastes and a natural appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. While they enjoy flexing their creative muscles, they also draw their energy from surrounding themselves with tasteful decor and an environment that is pleasing to the eye.

Make sure the gifts you pick for them are of high quality and bring a sense of peace and balance into their lives—Libras are symbolized by the scales, after all! Among other artistic pursuits, Libras are drawn to creating 3D shapes, which means that in addition to the typical drawing and painting supplies, look for gifts that create textures and form.

yellow kids ukulele Photo: Merchant

They also enjoy listening to and playing music. Being an air sign, Libras are fond of the written word and would appreciate gifts that capture their imagination. Frankly, any astrology gift that focuses on unleashing their creative side is a winner for Libra kids.

box with pottery kit Photo: Merchant

Scorpio (approx. October 23 – November 21)

As the most mysterious and difficult-to-read sign of the zodiac, Scorpio kids like to solve mysteries—including their own! Bringing to the surface things that are hidden and cannot be seen is their forte. They enjoy pretending to be detectives or spies and jumping in to save the day. Scorpio kids are also the most fearless signs of the zodiac.

blue book with yellow writing Photo: Merchant

In fact, they thrive on risk and danger and love being in high-pressure environments. Deadlines and competitions are their middle names, while natural disasters fascinate them. Their strong analytical mind makes them naturally good with numbers, which means that they enjoy puzzles.

A spiral car track for toy cars

Finally, Scorpio energy is also associated with lasers and magnets, resulting in a ton of really unique gift ideas.

box of colourful magnetic tiles Photo: Courtesy of Magna-Tiles


Sagittarius (approx. November 22 – December 20)

Sagittarius kids round out the fire signs and tend to be very physically active as a result. Besides having an innate need to move their bodies, they are also little explorers. Their interest in foreign countries and languages, coupled with their adventurous side, means that they like gifts related to travel.

map of world with animals Photo: Merchant

Sagittarius kids are often wise beyond their years and are naturally interested in global issues. Their thirst for knowledge and a good memory makes them into walking encyclopedias! In fact, their thinking tends to be very strategic and their ideas are truly global in nature. Your little archer may also be naturally drawn to teach others, so playing school would be a good pastime.

In general, Sagittarius children are eternal optimists, so giving them tools to cultivate that optimism goes a long way.

journal for kids Photo: Courtesy of Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Capricorn (approx. December 21 – January 19)

Symbolized by the mountain goat, Capricorn kids are agile and love climbing. They are patient by nature and deliberate in their movements, which helps them scale all sorts of obstacles.

wooden ladder in front of a plant Photo: Merchant

Due to their connection to the mountains, Capricorns love playing with rocks and minerals. They would enjoy methodically decorating rocks with intricate designs or starting a rock collection.

Capricorn energy is associated with construction and building. They are also very logical as their thinking is orderly and structured. Capricorns are very independent and enjoy solving puzzles on their own. But sure, a box of LEGO bricks this big can be played with a family member.

Lego-shaped box full of lego Photo: Courtesy of LEGO

box with painted rocks on it Photo: Courtesy of Creativity for Kids

Aquarius (approx. January 20 – February 17)

Given their unconventional way of thinking and eccentric ideas, Aquarius kids are like little inventors. Their scientific mind draws them to create all sorts of experiments (hello, messy!). Gifts that stimulate their innovative mind and introduce them to the latest technologies will occupy them for hours. This astrological sign gets lost in deep thought, so honor that!

box with robot hand on it Photo: Merchant
Aquarians round out the air signs, which means that they love to learn. In fact, their curious and rebellious nature often leads them to learn about humanitarian issues and social injustice. They want to make a difference and help others. Aquarius is the zodiac sign associated with space and the sky, and Uranus, an ice giant, is its ruler, which means that Aquarian kids enjoy winter sports of all kinds.
toy projector Photo: Merchant

Pisces (approx. February 18 – March 19)

Thanks to their big imagination, Pisces kids love storytelling, from reading fantasy books and creating their own stories to learning about mythical creatures. Their dreamy nature makes Pisces kids very artistic and creative. Besides having an interest in the visual arts, like drawing and painting, your child likely enjoys playing or listening to music and is the most likely to become an astrology lover.

Pisces is the last water element, which means that kids born under this sign are emotional and sentimental. They enjoy capturing memories with photography or making videos and going back to edit them again and again.

Your kid’s heightened emotional nature makes them particularly interested in practicing gratitude, mindfulness or simple movement, like yoga. Governed by Neptune, the ruler of the seas, your child may also enjoy any gifts related to water.

water toy with fish fountain Photo: Courtesy of Hape

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This article was originally published on Nov 03, 2022

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