Sunshine Hanson

Sunshine Hanson is a driven and pragmatic mama, 3x gestational surrogate, and Co-Founder and President of Surrogacy Is, alongside her amazing husband, Kyle. Sunshine was a high school English teacher when she embarked on her first surrogacy journey, and she soon discovered that what the experience was lacking was both advocacy and direction. That is why since its inception in 2020, Surrogacy Is has championed the rights of surrogates, ensuring they come first above all else and are well-prepared, well-informed, and well-supported. When Sunshine is not guiding surrogates and sharing pieces of her story online, she can be found floating in the pool with her daughter or trying a new spot for brunch in Savannah, Georgia! 

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My Surprising Journey to Surrogacy
Getting pregnant

My Surprising Journey to Surrogacy

Everyone's surrogacy journey is unique. Mine started as a quest for financial freedom, but it gifted me so much more — a bigger family, deeper connections, and a newfound purpose.

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