Renata Black

In addition to being a new mother, Renata Black is the co-founder of EBY, a purpose-driven, women's empowerment and tech apparel company. Born in Colombia and orphaned as a toddler, Renata Black was raised in Miami until she was 15 before returning to Columbia. She spent three years as a translator to pay for college and then traveled the world volunteering in different countries. She eventually landed in India, helping repair villages destroyed from the 2004 Tsunami. She witnessed women wanting to start their own businesses but did not have the funds to do so. The drive to start micro financing and empowering women around the globe started there and has turned into a lifelong career, including the launch of her company EBY which donates 10% of proceeds to women in third world countries eager to start their own business.

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I Used A Surrogate to Have My Baby—Here's My Story

I Used A Surrogate to Have My Baby—Here's My Story

In my heart, I knew using a surrogate was the only way I'd have a child. I saw what women would go through to have a baby, and it wasn't something could do.

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