Julie Diamond

Julie Diamond is the founder and CEO of Diamond Teachers Group (DTG), an online tutoring company comprised of certified teachers who tutor. She’s been running DTG since 2011. Julie's job is to connect with families who want one-on-one tutoring, write blogs to help parents support their kids' learning at home, and talk to principals and teachers to help students in school settings. She's also been representing Autism Ontario as a SEAC rep for the Toronto District School Board since 2019.

She has her Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and has taught in classrooms in BC and Ontario since 2009. Her goal as an educator, and through her company, is to empower students to confidently reach their academic and personal goals and give families peace of mind. In her spare time, she loves going for hikes with her dachshund Frankie, cooking new recipes and torturing herself at Crossfit.

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This Teaching Trick Gets Kids Excited About Learning

This Teaching Trick Gets Kids Excited About Learning

Turn helping your kids with their homework into a fun activity for both of you with this teaching trick.

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