Dr. Mandeep Johal, D.M.D.

Dr. Mandeep Johal, D.M.D., is a tongue-tie professional, a practitioner of functional dentistry, a renowned guest speaker, and an advocate for children’s health. She is the owner of Family Dental Centre in Guelph as well as a dental advisor for Well.ca. She takes an integrative approach to traditional dentistry by looking at the root cause of issues with the mouth and jaw and how they are connected to whole-body wellness. 
Dr. Johal’s functional dentistry is firmly rooted in how everything in the body is connected. She is an expert in breathing, facial development, nutrition, dental/postural connection, and tongue ties, which allows her to treat underlying problems without compromising her patients’ overall health.
Fuelled by her passion for wellness at every stage of life, Dr. Johal’s primary mission is to help parents help their children from a young age to live their healthiest lives. She educates parents on what they should and should not be doing for optimal facial growth, which is key to better sleep, less cavities, and reducing overcrowding and the need for braces. She also sees patients of all ages to assess and address concerns and issues, providing personalized treatment options.

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