Dr. Bindiya Gandhi

Dr. Bindiya Gandhi is a double board-certified Integrative & Functional Medicine Doctor, who helps thousands transform their overall health. She is the medical director at Atlanta Functional and Integrative Medicine - Revive ATL MD a comprehensive clinic focused on total body healing, including decreasing inflammation, improving hormonal imbalance, helping women get pregnant, weight loss resistance, chronic stress, gut health, and more.

After dealing with her own medical crisis and eventually improving her overall health to rebalance her hormones and conceive naturally, she has been focused on finding the cause of issues instead of treating the symptoms and holds a special passion for female hormonal cases.

She has worked with A-listers including professional singers and athletes to reclaim their health. Her newest podcast Reset Renew Revive has gained a significant amount of traction since its launch in April 2020. Bindiya regularly engages with her community of 43.1K followers via Instagram, where she produces compelling content and education material to continue to inspire people to live healthier lifestyles.

She has been featured in and contributed to publications including, mindbodygreen, Washington Post, Well + Good, The Daily Mail, Fox5 Atlanta ,The List TV Show CBS46, 11Alive, Popsugar, Vogue, Parade, Livestrong, HuffPost, and more.

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Discovering Mental Wellness: A Mom's Guide to Functional Mushrooms

Discovering Mental Wellness: A Mom's Guide to Functional Mushrooms

Double board-certified Integrative & Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Bindiya Gandhi shares her journey with functional, non-psychedelic mushrooms.

4 minutes