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Plum Egg Donor Agency is a fertility clinic based in Las Vegas, NV. Owners Amity Herrera, PA-C, and Jennifer Busque, have over 30 years of combined experience in reproductive endocrinology. Jennifer is an entrepreneur in the gestational carrier industry with  15 years of clinical experience in reproductive endocrinology—she knows the ins and outs of both patient and administrative care. Amity is a certified physician assistant in reproductive endocrinology.

Amity's connection to her work is deeply personal—after multiple rounds of IVF she was blessed with a beautiful child from an egg donor. With a passion for building understanding and empowerment surrounding egg donation, Plum Egg Donor Agency has a mission to help connect intended parents to potential donors. For more information on how to become an egg donor, or begin the screening process, contact Plum Egg Donor Agency at 702-522-7732 or

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5 Myths About Egg Donation, Debunked
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5 Myths About Egg Donation, Debunked

Five misconceptions and the reality behind egg donation

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