Kids’ shoes: Awesome sneakers for the playground

These popular sneakers are sure to be a hit in the schoolyard. Your kids will never want to take them off.


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5 comments on “Kids’ shoes: Awesome sneakers for the playground

  1. Best sneakers for RICH people. No way in hell I’m spending $50+ on a pair of shoes for my kids. Damn!


    • The $50 price tag on these shoes is not the problem. Vans are not a good shoe because they provide zero support and basically have a thick barrier in between the childs foot and the ground – not good! You want shoes that allow the child to feel the pressure points of the natural foot, so a good, flexible soul, that allows the child to move and feel the ground. This $$ for a not so great show is crazy, but no great shoe is gong to be priced different. Try Stride Rite, Geox, Sperry.


  2. What makes these the best sneakers? I feel like the author just snagged some pics and that was it. Was there any criteria for this list? I came here for info and all I got was a bunch of pictures.


  3. Stride Rite shoes for kids are the best and they aren’t on the list. My daughter has a pair. Approx 70.00 Canadian.


  4. I buy these shoes in every color every year for my 4 year old. He loves them. He has a wide foot so I order a size bigger to give him the width he needs. He loves them. If he could wear them all year and get away with it he would.


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