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RECALL: Alysena 28 birth control pills

One lot of Alysena 28 birth control pills may contain an extra row of placebo pills.

By Today's Parent staff
RECALL: Alysena 28 birth control pills

Photo: Marcela Barsse/iStockphoto

Health Canada and London Drugs are reporting the recall of Alysena 28: One lot of the product may have been packaged incorrectly — it may contain 14 (instead of seven) placebo pills.

The affected lot number is #LF01899A.

Alysena 28 is distributed across Canada: BC, NB, NF, NS, ON, PE and QC.

If you have this product:
As with any missed pill, use another non-hormonal mode of contraception, and seek medical advice from your doctor.

Source: Health Canada

This article was originally published on Apr 10, 2013

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