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RECALL: Wooden toy maracas

Various wooden toy animal maracas by K & M Toys have been recalled due to a faulty piece that poses a choking hazard to young children.


Health Canada has announced the recall of wooden toy maracas by K & M Toys. The affected maracas come with an attached earpiece, which they've learned can break into small pieces, making it a choking hazard to little ones.

The maracas come in a variety of animal designs: bear, elephant, giraffe, moose, snow leopard, tiger and zebra. 2,265 have been sold in Canada, from March 2013 to May 2015.

No injuries associated with this recall have been reported to Health Canada. K & M toys was informed of one incident involving a one-year-old—thankfully, the child was not injured.

If you have this product: Health Canada advises consumers to discard the recalled maraca immediately. You can contact K & M toys for more information at 1-800-396-8884.

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