FAQ: Today’s Parent Mealtime app explained


Here’s everything you need to know about our new app so you can meal plan like a boss.

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1. Where do your recipes come from?
Mealtime is filled with thousands of trusted, family-friendly recipes from Today’s Parent and Chatelaine. Occasionally, recipes are provided by our advertising partners, but those recipes will be clearly marked.

2. Does it cost anything to use Mealtime?

We aim to make dinner easy, so you don’t have to pay for this app (thank you advertisers)! You’ll have unlimited access to recipes, collections and videos, plus all of the meal plans and grocery lists you like.

3. I found an error in a recipe. What should I do?

We welcome your feedback! Please send us a message at editors@todaysparent.com.

4. Can I view Mealtime on my smartphone or tablet?

The app is currently only available on smartphones, but we’re working on a Mealtime app for tablets.

5. How do I search for a recipe?

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Homescreen

The app’s home screen will offer you a curated view of recipes and collections we think you’ll like. If you’re on the hunt for something specific, use the Search tool in the bottom right corner of your screen.

6. How do I save a recipe? Where can I store it?

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Saving Recipes

See that plus sign below the recipe image? Tap it for options, then add it to Favourites, Meal Plan, Collections or Grocery List. You can also quickly add it to your Favourites by tapping the heart icon just below the recipe name.

7. Where can I store saved recipes?

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Favourites & Collections

You have three options for saving recipes in the app. Your Favourites are simply that—store any recipes in the app here. If you’re an organizational fiend, you’ll love the Collections tab. Smoothie-obsessed? Create a smoothie collection. Hosting brunch next weekend? File inspiring recipes here. Want to keep all the easy recipes your family loves at your fingertips? That’s what a collection is for! For next-level recipe saving, you’ll be all over the My Recipes tab (keep reading below).

8. What’s the My Recipes tab all about?

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Recipes Tab

Under this tab, you can save your own personal recipes. This is where you can put Grandma’s meatball recipe (get it out of your head and into the app!), your casual taco night game plan or even a link to a recipe on another website (it’s OK, we forgive you).

9. Why would I go through the trouble of typing recipes into the app?

Good question! You don’t have to enter every detail of your recipe; the only required field is the recipe name. Below that, you can add a link to another site, and then as many or as few details as you like: Ingredients, instructions, notes. If you’d like to turn taco night into an official recipe, type in all your essential ingredients and tap Save; then when you slot tacos into your Meal Plan, those ingredients will automatically pop up on your Grocery List. It works this way with every recipe. The fun part? You can add pictures of your dishes and share them via email or text.

10. How do I make a Meal Plan?

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Meal Plan

We’re totally biased, but the Meal Plan feature is our favourite because it’s so damn smart. You can easily send any recipe to the Meal Plan, no matter where in the app you find yourself: in the recipe itself, Favourites or My Recipes. Or go to the Meal Plan tool and start adding recipes by tapping on the plus sign beside each day of the week. You can add as many recipes as you like to each day—breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks if you want. You can move recipes between days if you feel like rearranging them, and you can fill Monday through Sunday—or not. Email or text them to your partner so that everyone is working off the same plan, and send all the ingredients to the Grocery List to make sure that you’ve got it all covered.

11. How do I create a Grocery List?

Today's Parent Mealtime App - Create List

With any recipe you add to your Favourites or Meal Plan, you have the option of sending all the ingredients to the Grocery List. From there, you can edit, delete anything you may already have on hand and add others, like milk or bananas or toilet paper.

12. How do I edit my Grocery List?

You can check off any item on the list and click the trash icon in the top left corner of your screen. It will ask if you’d like to clear selected items or all of them on the list or if you’d like to cancel and go back to the list. Add items by tapping the plus sign in the top right corner of your screen.

13. Can I share my Recipes, Meal Plan and Grocery List?

Yes, and you should—because dinner every damn day is a lot of work. You can easily email or text any recipe you love, the meal plan you designed and the grocery list of all the ingredients you need.

14. How often is Mealtime updated?

The app’s home screen is updated three times a week to keep the selections fresh and inspiring. If you see something you like, be sure to save it!

15. I have a special diet. Is this app for me?

Today’s Parent and Chatelaine recipes are not specifically designed for any type of diet, though you will find helpful Special Diet tags under our Search function to help you zero in on what you’re looking for. If you’d like to see more of a particular kind of recipe, please let us know at editors@todaysparent.com.

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