Baby Dove Lotion: Sensitive Moisture and Rich Moisture formulas

Baby Dove Lotion: Sensitive Moisture and Rich Moisture formulas


From the very start, it’s important to care for a little one’s delicate skin with gentle products that nourish, hydrate and offer protection from external elements. Baby Dove Lotion, which contains no dyes, parabens or phthalates, is one of our Today’s Parent Approved products because of its quality and ease of use, and the fact that it comes in a gently scented formula (Rich Moisture) and an unscented version (Sensitive Moisture) to suit your preference and your baby's needs.

One main factor to keep in mind when shopping for baby lotion is its pH level, which is a scale of how acidic or alkaline something is. Because a baby's skin is thinner than adult skin, it’s important to look for moisturizers that are pH neutral for babies (a pH of 5.0 to 7.0)—anything too high or low could trigger skin issues and sensitivities. Both Baby Dove Lotion formulas measured just above the ideal range in our tests, with Rich Moisture at 7.51 and Sensitive Moisture at 7.56.

Science aside, how did the lotions fare when tested by our editors and by moms who tried it out at home? Our editors found the lotions hold their shape well and immediately soothe skin. Almost all of our parents testers agreed that the lotions went on smoothly and quickly absorbed into their baby's skin—ideal for parents who don’t have time to wash sticky residue from their hands as they move from task to task.

This lotion is really nice and quickly clears up any dry patches my daughter has. We apply it once in the morning and once at night, and notice a difference within a couple of days. I’ve also been using it on my own hands and it leaves them feeling soft and moisturized.” —Sarah, mom of one

Our testers were also pleased with both Baby Dove Lotion formulas because they were able to use them on their babies, as well as older children in the family. Who doesn’t want a lotion that’s effective, versatile and safe to use for the entire household? The Moisture Rich lotion has a gentle, clean smell that isn’t overwhelming, while the Sensitive alternative is neutral—perfect if anyone in your family has a scent sensitivity. The moms who tried the lotions were also surprised to find the price point comparable to similar products on the market, and were especially impressed because they found the Dove formulas to be of high value and quality.

I loved the clean scent, the moisturizing properties and the ease of use with the pump. It’s a good size container for your money.” —Holly, mom of three

Both our lab and panel of testers noted that the Baby Dove Lotion pump dispenser is easy to use and lock, and the generous base makes it difficult to tip over. But one of our main take-aways from testing was that the size of the container is an important consideration for families—the teardrop shape eats up a fair bit of space if you’re short on real estate, especially if you choose the 591-millilitre bottle (the size sent to our testers).


While parents were big fans of the unscented Sensitive Moisture formula, those who like scented lotions were generally fans of the Rich Moisture version. Most of our parent testers gave the lotions good or very good ratings for ease of use, quality and value—not surprising as we found these products are affordable, apply easily and are gentle on baby’s skin. Plus, we like that the pump dispenser really helps keep the outside of the bottle free of lotion residue. The majority of our testers said they would recommend the lotions to other parents, and felt both formulas are worthy of the Today's Parent Approved seal, and our editors agreed.

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